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Professional Indemnity

Leppard is able to assist in the Professional Indemnity field, in terms of providing insurance to help protect your professional consultants and service-providing individuals from bearing the full cost of negligence claims instituted by clients, should there be a dispute, and damages awarded in such a case.

The industries in which we work include:

  • Attorneys
  • Built environment professionals:
    • - Architects
    • - Consulting Engineers
    • - Design and Construct
    • - Land Surveyors
    • - Quantity Surveyors
    • - Project Managers
    • - Other built environment professionals
  • Chartered Accountants - (CAPIM and Others)
  • Estate Agents
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Computer Industry
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Underwriting Managers
  • Miscellaneous PI (excluding Medical Malpractice)

Liability Insurance

Our liability insurance can cover many liability types:

  • General Public Liability
    • Insurance against the risk of liability to the general public – which includes damage to property and death of or injury to people as a result of the company's day-to-day business activities.

  • Broadform Liability
    • This covers both product and general public liability insurance including appropriate extensions of cover – should it be required, it is a comprehensive solution for your business.

  • Products Liability
    • This protects the company against claims for damage and death/injury occurring from the sale of products made, sold or supplied or repaired.

  • Events Liability
    • Regulations for event organizers, sponsors and venue owners have increased dramatically since 2010. Since the protection of attendees is so high-profile, this insurance is required to protect the company from death/injury and damage claims by spectators or service providers.

  • Passenger XOL Liability
    • This is a form of liability insurance that protects the company against death of or injury to passengers not covered by the Road Accident fund. (In excess of the insureds primary insurance)

  • Motor Third Party Liability
    • This specifically pertains to death of or injury to third parties and damage to third party property caused by the insureds vehicles.

  • Excess Layers and Umbrella covers
    • An excess layer will increase the amount of cover, but not increase the scope of the underlying insurance.
    • An umbrella policy will increase the amount of cover , but also increase the scope of the underlying insurance.

  • Warehousemen's and Carriers' Liability
    • This cover is in respect of the insureds liability for property in the care custody and control whilst being stored or transported by the insured.

  • Contractors' Liability
    • Provides cover for building contractors following death of or injury to third parties or damage to third party property arising out of their building contracting activities.

Lombard Partnerships

  • Lombard

- In providing specialist insurance products, Lombard has chosen to establish equity partnerships with Underwriting Management Agents who have proven track records in their chosen insurance niche.

Lombard Insurance Company Limited was registered on 2 March 1990 as a specialist insurance company operating largely in the guarantee market and in credit insurance.

Recognised and respected for its expertise and superior products, Lombard has impeccable financial credentials and enjoys a reputation for independence, reliability and exceptional client service.

Lombard Insurance encourages innovation and has therefore been proactive in developing tailor-made solutions to suit the varying needs of their extensive client base, as well as the development of products and services for new markets.

Lombard Insurance Guarantee/Bond offerings include:

  • Construction (Performance, Retention, Bid & Tender)
  • Domestic and Export Credit
  • Mining Rehabilitation
  • Letters of Credit
  • General and Commercial (Fuel, Customs & Excise, Travel)
  • Trade Finance
  • Domestic Deposit

Contact Lombard Insurance on 0861 551 0600 OR +27 (0) 11 551 0600


Premium Financing Solutions

Short Term Premium Financing for Corporate and Commercial Clients

Contact on +27 (0)10 001 2860 www.thefulcrumgroup.co.za

Commercial Crime Concepts

Provide commercial crime cover

Contact on +27 (0) 11 551 0847 www.comcrime.co.za

Consort Technical Underwriters

Engineering Insurance

  • Contract Works and Public Liability
  • Plant All Risks and Machinery Breakdown
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Deterioration of Stock

Contact on +27 (0) 11 6581156 www.consort.co.za


Income Protection

Products for Individuals or Groups

Contact on +27 (0) 31 538 3500 www.fmi.co.za


Marine Underwriters

  • Marine Imports and Exports
  • Small Craft and liabilities
  • Marine Liabilities (Warehouseman's Carriers)
  • Goods-In-Transit (goods moved by owners, Road Hauliers)
  • Stock throughput (importation, storage and distribution of the cargo)

Contact on + 27 (0) 11 781 3473 www.horizonunderwriting.co.za


Risk Managers

  • ​Personal Accident 
  • Group Personal Accident and Stated Benefits
  • Individual Personal Accident
  • Aviation Personal Accident
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Occupational HIV
  • Keyman 
  • Political Evacuation (extension)

Contact on 011 716 7801 www.praesidio.co.za​​



This note is intended to provide the reader with a clear statement on the management of Conflicts of Interest that exist or may exist within Leppard and Associates (Pty) Ltd and Professional Indemnity Mutual Solutions (Pty) Ltd ("Leppard")


This statement is principle based and is embedded into the Leppard Human Resources Policies and Practices which forms an integral part of each employment contract of each employee and it states; "A conflict of interest will arise when an individu al knowingly makes a decision or considers an option to do something in a certain way to the unfair or illegitimate advantage of one party over of another party. So it is with the individual relationship of every employee in the company; it is very important that no one puts themselves in a position of conflict of interest. Should such a circumstance arise then the employee concerned is duty bound to advise a director of the company, who will act on the information and decide the way forward. The decision on the way forward will be made based on the principle that the interests of the company will prevail."


Leppard Underwriting is a specialist underwriting business, underwriting on behalf of: Lombard Insurance Company Limited ("Lombard"), CAPIM (Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited) ("CAPIM").

Leppard is licensed as a Financial Services Provider : FSB license number 274. In this capacity Leppard Underwriting represents these entities under authorities granted by way of a contract. In this context Leppard Underwriting is a product supplier and works as an insurance service provider. Leppard Underwriting activity includes the assessment of risks of and exposures to liability relating to a variety of professional and business risks, the determination of premium and relevant insurance contract conditions, quoting and acceptance of risk, policy issuing, administration and claims management.


Leppard Underwriting has a number of relationships in connection with its business. The relationships relevant to this policy vary and at any time could include any or all of the following:

Product Providers:
Lombard or CAPIM.

Financial Service Providers: We only conduct our business with insurance brokers or insurance intermediaries who are authorised and are registered Financial Service Providers. These Financial Service Providers have an obligation to declare their interests and conflicts, independently.

We do not deal with any policy holder directly in selling any product or in the provision of advice but where appropriate we may deal with a policy holder in relation to policy claims but only to the extent authorised and in accordance with the Product Providers product.

Leppard is owned by the Executive Directors (SJ Leppard, ES von Roretz and G Standen), Lomvest and S Sinclair.


Leppard remuneration is variable depending on the specific arrangements with each Product Providers and includes a vested interest in the profitability of the insurance business underwritten.

This remuneration is as follows:

With Lombard by virtue of an agreed management fee expressed as a percentage of premium and participation in the underwriting profit or loss determined after accounting for intermediary or broker commissions, Lombard management and solvency fee, Leppard management fee, reinsurance and claims.

With CAPIM based on a flat fee calculated on a cost plus basis.

Leppard does not receive any remuneration from any Financial Service Providers.

Leppard receives more than 30% of its remuneration from Lombard.


  • General
    1. Leppard conducts an annual Conflicts of Interest review together with its Compliance officer who is an independent service provider and reports to the FSB accordingly.
  • Financial Service Providers remuneration
    1. Leppard does not pay any commission to any Financial Service Provider. Such a commission is paid by the Product Provider. Leppard is connected to this transaction in terms of its authorities.
    2. Leppard does from time to time entertain Financial Service Providers. The value of such entertainment is restricted to not more than R1,000 per calendar year in respect of any Representative of any Financial Service Provider. This is managed by way of Leppard maintaining a schedule of Representatives reflecting the value spent during the calendar year and prior approval of a Director of Leppard.
    3. No Representative of any Financial Service Provider may receive from Leppard any incentive, reward or similar other than as per 2. above.
    4. Leppard does not provide any preferred status to any Financial Service Provider in relation to any particular product or volume of business produced.
  • Representatives of Leppard
    1. Each Representative and in addition every employee of Leppard is required to make an annual declaration of any Conflict of Interest. Should a Conflict of Interest arise a Director of Leppard is required to review the circumstances and determine appropriate mitigation. No Representative nor any other employee may receive any incentive, reward or similar from any Financial Service Provider.
    2. A breach by a Representative or any employee will be required to be dealt with in terms of FAIS and the Leppard Disciplinary Procedures.
    3. In addition Leppard Directors are required to provide a declaration of interests in terms of the Companies Act.
    4. A Representative may receive a gift or may be entertained but this is subject to a maximum of R1,000 per calendar year. This is managed by a requirement to declare to Leppard each instance of receipt and approved by a Director of Leppard and is maintained in a schedule.


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