What Leppard has to offer

Establishment, Growth and Shareholding


Founded by Simon Leppard who was joined later by Glenn Standen to write Professional Indemnity and Broad Form liability with the support of Lloyd's Underwriters.

The quality of underwriting and professionalism has resulted in a deep rooted trust of the skill and performance of Leppard Underwriting. This is reflected in the substantial and unique authority levels enjoyed by Leppard Underwriters.


Leppard Underwriting made a strategic decision to introduce a degree of corporate shareholding with Lombard Insurance acquiring a 30% shareholding the balance being held by the executive directors. This arrangement increases capacity, credibility and strength for growth and sustainability.


Leppard Underwriting acquired Professional Indemnity Mutual Solutions (Pty) Ltd 'PIMS', who brought with it additional capacity and skill in the underwriting of Chartered Accountants and a focus on Insurance Broker and Underwriting Managers' Professional Indemnity Insurance. This acquisition also brought with it Steve von Roretz's 30 years of experience in professional indemnity.


20 years of service excellence. Proof of the long term commitment to quality and sustainability underpinned by individual integrity and competence, consistency and the willingness to adapt.


Protecting Your Reputation